Dressmaker; Haute Couture

Marie Josee Dorga is a Haitian American, born in the babyboomer era.  She was introduced to Fashion at an early age.  Her mother used to sew and design for “Bacooloo” a group of Haitian dancers who frequently used to compete with other French Caribbean islands.  She developed some ideas with friends through the French community in Haiti.  “Haute Couture” was her hobby,  perfection was always her goal.

In 1975, she was a student in Architecture where she was introduced to Haute Couture for select, wealthy clientele; that were usually tourist that frequented the island around that time period, who wanted gowns and dresses for parties.  In 1978, she traveled to the U.S and became an American citizen.

She continued her work and brought that flavor of French, Haitian style to her designs.  In, 1992 she had been introduced to the Henry Bendel Boutique at 5th Avenue; and they loved her style and designs.  Now she brings her fashion to you, she customizes, and/or alters any beautiful gown in Haute Couture, wedding dresses, or the entire range of wedding party dresses.  She continues to develop new collections for every season.

Many parts of wedding, and cocktail dress are done and finished by hand.
Marie-Jo Dorga Designs  measures On


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