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Margie is made in red taffeta; her front bodice has a large ‘V’ above the bust, which holds a stripe made in black sequins matching the applique belt at the waist.  The skirt is fitted at the front and it’s back caries  four ruffles (accentuated with a back net mounted with gold fishnets under each ruffle.)  The last ruffle flows over the ground as a train.  Margie can also be in White and Silver, White and Black, Black and Silver, or Black and Gold.  Simply email me if you want a specific color. Follow and fill the application for your measurements.

For Measurements!

Measurement Form

PDF version: Measurement_Form

Use this measurement form to determine your exact size.  It only contains 14, simple one answer questions, and here is a picture guide for reference. (click image for full size)

Email your measurements to my support email at; mjdorgadesigns@gmail.com.  Simply send your email with the subject “Measurement Form” include your name and date of purchase in the body, then, simply answer the measurement questions.  For example: question 1 could be 13 inches, question 2 could be 5 inches, and 3 could be 34 inches; so you put; (1=13, 2=5, 3=34 etc… until you complete each number)  Feel free to add any other requirements, recommendations, or comments in the email.  As an added benefit, I will also be sending you updates through email of the progression of your dress through pictures, check the “Services” page for more details…

Below is a size chart for international comparisons.















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