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Nancy is made in a double silk organza.  The dress is designed to resemble an open flower.  Draped in a strapless bodice, her skirt is made with a bunch of standing ruffles resembling large petals.  She could be made in Red, White, Off-White, Pink, or any other color of your choosing.  Marie-Jo also presents Nancy in purple.  In this particular piece, the bodice is in print ‘peau de soie’ ending the skirt in silk organza.  We can work on her in particular with other colors. Follow and fill the application for your measurements.


For Measurements!

Measurement Form

PDF version: Measurement_Form

Use this measurement form to determine your exact size.  It only contains 14, simple one answer questions, and here is a picture guide for reference. (click image for full size)

Email your measurements to my support email at; mjdorgadesigns@gmail.com.  Simply send your email with the subject “Measurement Form” include your name and date of purchase in the body, then, simply answer the measurement questions.  For example: question 1 could be 13 inches, question 2 could be 5 inches, and 3 could be 34 inches; so you put; (1=13, 2=5, 3=34 etc… until you complete each number)  Feel free to add any other requirements, recommendations, or comments in the email.  As an added benefit, I will also be sending you updates through email of the progression of your dress through pictures, check the “Services” page for more details…

Below is a size chart for international comparisons.


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