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And i thought hey i wanted to cosplay azula at some point in time it s play with the hair and see what i can get. Her entire color theme is also adjusted it s a more monotone theme now.

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Hair is an incredibly important symbol in the fire nation.

Azula hairstyle. In the episode the princess interrupts the prison warden during the interrogation of a certain prisoner at boiling rock prison a supermax style penitentiary controlled by fire nation for its most dangerous criminals. 71 points 5 months ago. Princess azula 阿祖拉 ā zǔ lā is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists in nickelodeon s animated television series avatar.

The buns we see the royalty wear are usually ornamented. 65 points 5 months ago. The last airbender created by michael dante dimartino and bryan konietzko and voiced by grey delisle.

Azula s color theme sort of. Ursa s hair won t save bottom right from looking like a smug bitch. See readme txt file for more details.

Part 2 features another hilarious but true statement made by azula in true azula fashion. Her hair stays like this for the rest of the fight until she is defeated. The last airbender and legend of korra fan community.

Aug 22 2014 avatar spirit an avatar. More about azula history book two. Earth spring 100 ag book three.

Hair and make up tutorial for azula from avatar the last airbender. Subscribe for more avatar related content follow me on twitter. And that s why azula had a much different hairstyle at the beach episode.

And did the hair quickly. So i put on just a little bit of eye shadow shut up i m not good with makeup. In the show azula is the crown princess of the fire nation and an extremely powerful.

Fire summer 100 ag relationships azula s relationships other media azula in the films azula in the games image gallery 155 azula was the princess of the fire nation daughter of fire lord ozai and ursa younger sister of zuko and older half sister of kiyi she was a key adversary of team avatar chasing avatar aang and. Please like comment and subscribe. Follow these links to see my cosplay.

Zuko is shown with a ponytail after his banishment no bun and he and iroh cut their hair off after azula attempts to capture them the first time. Anyways so normally my hair is wavy and i don t straighten it often but just the other day i did. I used to think azula looked more like ozai.

First color is default azula s look while rest of colors are coming from juri s default with few changed for the sake of variety.

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