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When it comes to trendy men s hairstyles of the 1920s the end result was all about being neat and presentable in the 1920s the majority of men kept their hair short on the sides and longer at the top. The side parting hairstyles were very popular among the men in the 1920s era.

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Create a side part then comb it back for a smooth style.

Mens hairstyle 1920s. This 1920 mens hairstyles is great for males with wavy or curly hair. During the 1920s men favored a clean shaven face or a small mustache a man shows off a slicked back hairstyle with a thin mustache. 1920s hairstyle for black men.

You can make it messy or cleaner depending on the event that you will be going to. After the side component is produced the hair is smoothed by hair gel. In the 1920s hairstyle young boys didn t experiment with hair treatment products they went for all natural appearances.

The gangster hairstyle works best for men with hair a couple inches long. While the trend faded with the young collegiate men the hairstyle for both hatted and unhatted men were the same. For men with facial hair this 1920s hairstyle is a great option.

It may seem simple but this haircut is short and smooth showing everyone you re all about business and being professional. Most of men enjoyed keeping their hair short on the sides but longer at the top of the head. The forestry student council of syracuse university 1925 sporting the typical slicked back styles of 1920s men s haircuts.

In the 1920 s gentlemen were serious about their appearance and most men still wore hats whenever they were out. The majority of haircuts during this time were worn flat and slicked back so that if the men took their hats off they would not have messy hair underneath. A simple comb over was considered stylish in 1920s.

To get the slick look and style their hair in place guys used an oil based product. The most popular haircut for men in the 1920s was the slicked back hairstyle. As an era full of flat slick and shiny short to medium length hair 1920s hairstyles were typically gelled back or parted to the side and then covered with a hat.

Vintage bottle of brilliantine. In the 1920s men were almost always wearing a hat. This parting usually made at the center of the head but also could be parted slightly off center.

Sleek wavy style of 1920 mens hairstyles. The sleek look was achieved by hair gel or pomade. This parting usually made at the center of the head but also could be parted slightly off center.

The hair look could be seen that hair was parted. Foto of sleek wavy style 20. A great style for a night out.

This hairstyle looked on a simple way which is the hair was swept apart with the use of hair products. The undercut is very common during the 1920 s era but you can change it up and make it more modern by making sure that you will have a longer hairstyle on the top of your head. Men would ask their barbers to leave the hair long enough on top to comb it backwards.

Vintage 1920s men s hairstyles exemplified the refined gentleman. 12 hairstyles from 1940 s that rocked the world. 1920s hairstyle with beard.

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