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It s undeniable that fight club will go down in history as one of the most iconic movies of our time. The aim of this type of style is to give the wearer a relaxed casual look and it involves long layers of hair that are jagged cut and left to fall to the shoulders to give the hairstyle a nice finish.

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But it s this style from his early.

Brad pitt hairstyle. Whether pitt is styling long or short hair a shaved head or crew cut or just a nice slicked back undercut he s been considered one of the hottest celebrities in hollywood. If you re a rebel without a cause consider recreating the spiky tyler durden hairstyle. The brad pitt haircut has long been synonymous with exceptional good looks and cool styles.

The character portrayed by brad pitt is one of the reasons why and that includes his unforgettable style. Brad pitt only wears the straight long hairstyle occasionally but when he does he looks gorgeous in it. Brad pitt has sported a number of long hairstyles over the years from the erstwhile heartthrob in legends of the fall to the tousled warrior in troy.

This style is great for casual events or occasions. Brad pitt long haircut. Pitt s long blonde hair.

Brad pitt is a handsome man did you know. But pitt s fame isn t just centered around his thick blonde hair and. What should you ask your barber for.

To get the brad pitt haircut in fight club ask your barber to leave around 2 5 3 inches through the top and have the sides taken down to around a 4 5 with around an inch in length at the top of the sides. In 2013 brad pitt went for a military style undercut for his role in fury which we re sure is the reason there was a spike in short back and sides hair styles among men in the uk. One of his.

The brad pitt haircut in fight club is a messy spike style with a short back and sides. Another 1940s inspired style brad pitt rocks a hard part in inglourious basterds featuring a long combover this hairstyle is ideal for men who want to keep their hair tidy but still a little wild. Some of brad pitt s long hairstyles have much lighter blonde highlights that give the illusion of a person who spends extended periods of time in the sun.

The lack of gravity in space gives his hair the volume it deserves. Brad pitt s inglourious basterds haircut. Spiky brad pitt hairstyles goatee.

We ve covered a fair amount of short hairstyles now it s time to take a look at some of the longer hairstyles brad pitt has rocked throughout the years. This style works well with a face that is symmetrical and has clearly defined features and strong lines.

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