Waterfalls Hairstyle

14 stunning waterfall french braids for girls pretty designs. The basic steps to a waterfall braid are.

How To Waterfall Braid Short Hair Milabu Short Hair Tutorial Braids For Short Hair Medium Hair Styles

1 part the hair 2 apply a smoothing serum 3 divide out three sections at the front of your hair 4 begin braiding picking up a new section and dropping it after crossing it with the other sections 5 continue around the head 6 plait the ends.

Waterfalls hairstyle. Weave the sections that you dropped from the waterfall braid into individual braids. This video shows you how to make waterfalls hairstyle in easy way. This 2 minute tutorial is the most popular waterfall braid tutorial on youtube.

You can wear this just as easily during an everyday activity like an office meeting as you would to a formal event. Pick up some hair from one side and weave it in a semi crown waterfall braid. They can not only keep your long tresses in place but also give a very clean look for the wearers.

This hairstyle looks cool and is easy to achieve once you get the hang of waterfall braids. It s a follow up to our original tutorial the first on youtube after fans s. A waterfall braid is a style that allows you to weave a circle horizontal or diagonal plait throughout loose hair with strands flowing through it like streams in a real waterfall.

A waterfall french braid is a classic type of the braided hairstyles. Once you reach the other side pin the extra hair within the braid to hide it from view. For women with long straight hair the braided hairstyles will be a good choice.

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